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Information relevant to insolvency within the UK

Creditors Portal

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1. Go to our Creditors Portal login page

2. Click on the Portal Login button (Padlock)

3. Enter your case code on the login page (Which can be found on the letter you were sent from HBG Corporate. The usual format is: 1 Letter, 3 Numbers E.G. T021 )

4. It may ask you to choose a Firm/Practice, if so please choose HBG Corporate Ltd

5. Enter your case password and press login (Which can be found on the letter you were sent from HBG Corporate)

6. Once logged in you can then: See relevant case information and contact details, download documents, setup notifications and see a list of creditors if available online


Creditors Insolvency Guide

View Creditors Insolvency Guide (R3)


Creditors Guides to Fees

View Creditors Guides to Fees (R3)


Creditors Committees – A Guide for Creditors

View Creditors Guide to Committees (R3)


Statement of Insolvency Practice (SIP’s)

View Statement of Insolvency Practice (R3)


Complaints Policy & Procedure

View Complaints Policy & Procedure


Provisions of Services Regulations

View Provisions of Services Regulations

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